Friday, December 16, 2005

Lest we forget: Pennhurst, Willowbrook, et al

A post on the down-syndrome listserve got me searching for information on Willowbrook and Pennhurst. Not familiar with those names? They were large state institutions for the mentally retarded at one time. Within my lifetime. In fact, Willowbrook did not become a news item until 1972, the year I graduated from high school, (which I know was ancient days to my children but is still not that long ago).

Click on the title above to see some archival video from a 1968 TV expose of Pennhurst. No matter how you feel about the subsequent long and contentious lawsuit and settlement, I defy you not to be moved by the video.

Very interesting that they use a bible verse and picture of a bible to talk about our need to care for society's forgotten children. Couldn't get away with that nowadays on national or local news...but I digress.



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