Monday, February 20, 2006

Why no "Advance for Doctors"?

There's a ubiquitous magazine for "health care professionals" out there in the US, published by "regions", with different content for different kinds of professionals. I myself get the "Advance for Nurses" for Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, which I assume is the same magazine with targeted ads for my geographical area. It's free, paid for apparently by advertisement revenue alone.

Some of the content is surprisingly good, actually. It's almost embarrassing to admit that.

There is an Advance for several different professions, including audiologists, nurses, imaging, respiratory care, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. There is even an Advance for "Providers of Post Acute Care".

There is, however, no Advance for doctors.

Too bad, because you all are missing the nifty "Advance Healthcare Shop for Gear, Gadgets and Gifts"! You, too, could "stand out from the crowd" with "unique neck ties" and "badge holders". Or the unisex tee with the logo: "Nursing is not just a duty, but a privilege". How about a camisole top with shelf bra, featuring "RN" heart logo? And the tee with the confusing motto: "Nursing: The Science Of Medicine, The Art Of Caring" (can't we have the science, too?).

Not to mention the Betty Boop scrubs and socks.

Now seriously. There is a thoughtful post over at Emergiblog about just this subject: the deplorable way some nurses dress at work. All right, I'm an old curmudgeon. But I tell you ladies (and gentlemen, you're not excused either), you can't be taken seriously as a professional if you dress in Betty Boop socks. Sorry. This is not a "generation" thing. This is not "old baby boomer vs. Young Generation".

If you want to be taken seriously, dress seriously. Maybe it really is time to bring back caps.

Mine's in some box or other around here somewhere...




Anonymous Kimi said...

On the subject of how people (Kiwis anyway) like their medical professsionals to dress: this article came out recently.

2:34 PM  

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