Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Life with Emily

Emily (girl of a thousand diagnoses and 47, XX, +21) had a medical emergency this morning at 4 a.m.

Let me rephrase that: Emily thought she had a medical emergency at 4 a.m.

In the dark before dawn she came in to shake me awake. "Mom!" she said, "Mom! Wake up! There's something wrong with me!".

Ordinarily words to make a mom's blood run cold. But I have lived with Emily for a while.

"What's wrong with you, Em?", I said blearily.

"I'm sneezing!" she replied seriously.

I just sighed and rubbed my hand over my face.

This evening, after a long LONG day and a late meeting, I came home to find Emily waiting for me with this news:

"I must have to stay home tomorrow, Mom, because I have been sneezing again and you know what that does to me!"

I don't have a clue, really. I didn't let on, though.




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