Thursday, April 27, 2006

How did I miss Pediatric Grand Rounds?

Wow, things can slip right by you when you don't read a few blogs for a few days...all of a sudden there it is!! The new Pediatric Grand Rounds-Premier Edition-up at Unintelligent Design. Check out the pediatricians of the blogosphere in their specialty grand rounds.

And then of course one of the wonders of the medical blogosphere (don't you all feel there needs to be a better word than "blogosphere"? Please inform me if I have overlooked it, 'k?) Grand Rounds is up at Health Business Blog. Lots and lots of great links; I hope you find time to read some of them.

If this keeps up I'll be reading blogs six or eight hours a day. Will have to give up sleep and...other fun stuff. Use your imagination.




Blogger Blog, MD said...

Hey there --

I'm hosting the next edition of Pediatric Grand Rounds on my blog (


Sam Blackman

7:47 AM  

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